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Dr. Janet Cobb received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University, and graduated cum laude from Sherman Chiropractic College. She strives to provide exceptional chiropractic, nutritional, and rehabilitative services for her patients. Her goal is to work with patients and set attainable health goals. She sees a variety of patients with many different health issues. Dr. Cobb says, “What I enjoy most is watching my patients progress, as they get out of pain, continue the activities they love, and enjoy their lives.”

Dr. Cobb’s passion for chiropractic stems from a life changing event her son had. Dr. Cobb says, “When my son was about 8 years old he started losing hearing in both ears, (about 50%), we took him to a specialist who ran several tests which were normal. The doctor had no idea why my son couldn’t hear, and didn’t know how to help him. Then a few months later we went in for a routine chiropractic adjustment, and about 3 hours later my son said he felt like a gun shot went off in his ear and he could hear! I called the chiropractor, who said he must have had pressure on his acoustic nerve and the adjustment restored function to the ear. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed: the power of a chiropractic adjustment!” Dr. Cobb adds, “From that moment my life changed. I knew that I wanted to bring chiropractic to the world. I wanted to take care of patients and help their bodies heal naturally.”

To that end her office is dedicated to taking care of patients and assisting them to reach their healthcare goals. Dr. Cobb says, “I feel so privileged to be entrusted to have patients of all age groups from newborn babies to patients who are over 90 years old.”

To accommodate a variety of patients Dr. Cobb practices several different adjusting techniques such as Activator, Diversified, Pierce, and Gonstead. Dr. Cobb also offers various treatment modalities such as Mechanical traction, Decompression, E-stim, Ultrasound, and exercises. Dr. Cobb assists patients to recover and strengthen their spines.

Dr. Cobb looks forward to helping you reach your health goals and enjoy life to the fullest.

When looking for a West Union chiropractor, call Dr. Janet Cobb for a free consultation.

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